Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Internet of Things~~

Hello friends!

Senior IT guys, known to me, have recently launched home automation cost-effective customized solutions (aviconn.in); based at sector 49 gurgaon. Sharing with You all, as i personally found it useful; its not just a CCTV surveillance but a lot more --

- water pipe bursting

- Temperature control

- Unexpected fire handling

- Swimming pool remote tracking

- Track unauthorized access to your property

- Wireless installation/charging/tracking of devices

- Earthquake/thunder/vibrations or any other calamity sensing

- Curtains/bulbs etc automation as per mood adaptive lighting

- One touch to lock/unlock doors and talk with visitors from ANYWHERE in the world

- Real time monitoring of Your electricity consumption, leading to LESS electricity bills for sure

 and MANY more for Your smart HOME!

Check out their promotional video:

Feel free to examine this amazing IT product!
for free demo contact:contact@aviconn.in